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Car Wash

Exterior Wash & Services Pricing

If You Can Find A Lower Price From Another Reputable Well Established Shop, We Will Match It!

Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off of your vehicle in the Matsu Valley.  Anchorage we charge a $35 Fee. Limited Schedule & Availability.

Military Discounts for Retired or Serving and their dependents, First Responders Discounts, Senior Citizen Discounts for 65 years of age or older.

Exterior Wash & Services Pricing: Price List

The Basic Wash


This is a basic wash which will quickly clean the outside of your vehicle and wheels.  Quick Dry.

Tar Removal

Starting At $75 Per Hour

We will work to get all that nasty tar off your vehicle. Charge is per hour until it is all off your vehicle.

Iron Decontamination & Clay Bar

Starting At $75 Per Hour

We will do an iron decontamination and clay bar to rid your clear coat of debris stuck in it. Vehicle estimate is $75-$125. Your paint will go from feeling like sand paper to smooth as silk.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Starting at $75

We will steam clean your engine bay to clean off all dirt, mud, and grease to showroom floor quality.

Headlight Restoration (Both Headlights)

Starting At $120

Restoration to remove the dull, hazy, foggy blemishes of your headlights. Bring them back to life and get your visibility back. Don't get caught in the dark. Pair it with a ceramic coating and you will not have to worry anymore.

System-X Revive Ceramic Coating For Trim

Starting At $150 

Rejuvenate plastic and trim
System X Revive™ is a 2 year protection. System X Revive™ brings faded plastic and trim back to life while protecting from future wear and fading.
Revive™ protects from future micro-scratches and UV fading while multiplying the surface’s hydrophobic properties. This product is known to bring out the deepest blacks of factory trims and vehicle plastics while transforming old faded parts to like new.

System-X Glass Ceramic Coating

Starting At $100

System-X Glass ceramic coating is a 2 year protection on windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, headlamps, and glass surfaces. This amazing coating protects from micro scratches while multiplying the surface’s hydrophobic properties. System-X Glass ceramic coating dramatically increases visibility in the rain and makes de-icing in the winter and cleaning insect matter in the summer a breeze. System-X Glass ceramic coating is truly a breakthrough in glass protection technology. System-X Glass ceramic coating reduces glare and reduces stone chips with a single application. Starting pricing is for windshield only. Pricing goes up for other windows/glass.

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