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Interior Detail Price List

If You Can Find A Lower Price From Another Reputable Well Established Shop, We Will Match It!

Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off of your vehicle in the Matsu Valley.  Anchorage we charge a $35 Fee. Limited Schedule & Availability.

Military Discounts for Retired or Serving and their dependents, First Responders Discounts, Senior Citizen Discounts for 65 years of age or older.

Interior Detailing Pricing: Price List

Starting At


The Basic Interior Detail

Vacuum Interior, Clean the Mats, Clean Windows, Wipe Down Dash, Consoles, & Doors.

Cars Estimated between                                   $125 - $200

SUV Estimated between                                   $135 - $210

Pick-up Trucks Estimated between                  $125 - $210

Minivans Estimated                                           $150 - 210

Passenger Vans Estimated                                $200-260

Sports Cars                                                         In-person Quote

Semi-Tractor Estimated                                     $200 - $300

Boats, RV's, Recreational, Motorcycles            In-Person Quote

Starting At


The Clean Slate Full Interior Detail

Vacuum Interior, Air Tornador Interior Carpets & Crevices, Steam Clean/Shampoo Upholstery/Seats, If Leather Seats Clean & Condition Seats, Clean Windows Inside & Outside, Clean Floor Mats, Clean & Protect All Dashes & Trim,  Air Blowout & Steam All Vents, Odor Eliminator

Cars Estimated between                                   $250 - $335

SUV Estimated between                                   $300 - $360

Pick-up Trucks Estimated between                  $250 - $385

Minivans Estimated                                           $340 - $400

Passenger Vans Estimated                                $375 - $435

Sports Cars                                                         In-person Quote

Boats, RV's, Recreational, Motorcycles            In-Person Quote

Semi-Tractor Estimated                                     $400 - $500

Starting At $200

System-X Interior Carpet, Fabric, Leather, & Vinyl Protection

This is a 2-5year protection on all interior surfaces such as fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Spills and stains cleanup easily and quickly. System-X Interior is safe, easy to apply, has no odor, is water-based, and dries quickly. It provides great protection for your interior without changing the color of your leather, fabrics, or carpet. When a Full Interior Detail is chosen with a System-X Interior Protection you will get $50 off total.

Starting At $30

Animal Hair Removal (Added Cost To Detail)

This is an added cost to a detail chosen.  Price is starting at $30.00 and increases depending on severity of the hair.  We use multiple different tools to get as much hair as possible. There is no guarantee that hair will be 100% removed.

Starting At $30

Extra Dirt & Mud Removal (Added Cost To Detail)

This is an added cost to a detail chosen to remove extra dirt and mud from the interior of your vehicle.

Starting At

Mold Removal (Added Cost To Full Detail)

This is an added cost on top of a full detail. Cost can be any where from $50.00 to $200.00 for smaller vehicles and larger vehicles starting at $200. This is an extensive procedure to try to kill all mold and prevent it from growing back.  We will first give your vehicle an ozone treatment to kill the spores on the surface and try and prevent any from being spread.  We will then continue to do normal detail starting with the vacuum and blow out all fracks.  We will then move to a special mixture that we will spray your whole interior and let it sit for no less than 15 minutes. This allows it to penetrate deep into the surfaces to kill the remaining mold that the ozone does not reach.  We then continue with steaming the interior, drill brushing, and extracting the interior.

Starting At

Bio-hazard Cleaning

This service is to remove biohazard and dispose of properly. This is per say if your car was stolen and was completely trashed with things like needles, drugs, blood, etc. We then will decontaminate your vehicle. This does not include a detail.

Starting At


Tint Removal

Removal of deteriorating or bad tint from your windows.

Mom SUV Full Interior Detail Done By Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting, LLC.

Here is an interior detail we did on a big time Mom SUV. One of the lightest colors which is rough to get stains out. When they received their vehicle back, it was like new. The kids were extremely excited to go for a ride in what they said was their new car. #interiordetail #cleanslatedetail907 #cleanslatedetaildisinfecting #wegiveyouafreshstart

Interior Detailing Pricing: Video

What it takes to clean an interior of a car by Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting, LLC

Here is a little of what we do when doing a full interior detail on a vehicle. We do not rush a job. We take our time and thoroughly clean your car to like new. Watch what it takes for us to clean your investment! Contact Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting, LLC. to schedule your cleaning today!

Interior Detailing Pricing: Video

Mercedes GLE 350 Full Interior Detail & Exterior Wash

This customer was referred to us by another customer. Loves to keep a clean car and came to us. We did a full interior detail & exterior wash. Customer also asked us to remove a sticker off the back which we did with no residue left from the sticker. While cleaning the outside we noticed some leftover chalk paint on the rear window also and decided to remove that also.

Interior Detailing Pricing: Video

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Interior Detailing Pricing: Text
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